Lockdown’s difficulties and opportunities

We are in strange days. Who would have imagined that almost every town and city in the entire world would now be locked down, with governments testing and enforcing “social distancing”.

Right across CA these lockdowns are bringing great hardships to our neighbours and our brothers and sisters who live among them.

Work and jobs there have been hit. CA businesses are caught in cash-flow problems. Fear has caused some villages to ban outsiders. Everywhere families are in dread of losing their adults. And on it goes. These are remakable months and we will be looking back at them for decades.

Another thing that’s swept the region is Zoom. You get the impression “everyone” is using the Internet to connect while locked down.

PI New Zealand intends to more and more use the Internet to connect with people we might never be able to “sit down with”, as the Winter of the coronavirus moves into the Spring of the economic and social recovery that will come across the world. 

You can help a believing family in lockdown hardship

 Lockdown stops jobs. In CA, the first person to be laid off by a business is often a believer.

PINZ can deliver a box of groceries to families of believers who have suddenly lost a job and  found themselves unable to afford enough food, or pay their bills.

Other believing families who do have work are already helping their fellows. We will join this self-help effort. If you can send a donation, PINZ will make sure it reaches the door step of needy believing families. What a blessing!

Would you pray about helping these people?

Two ways to give to these families
(1) Use Internet banking to give directly to PI’s bank account:
(2) Use a credit card or bank account through PushPay

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Central Asia

We’ll help you get there

We are People International New Zealand, registered with the Charities Commission (CC22240) since 2008. A group of Kiwis who have lived and worked in Central Asia, or been fully involved with helping others go and unveil God’s glory there.

If you have a heart to go to Central Asia and skills to offer, People International can help you get there.

  • Quickly.
  • With a local team to help you when you’re on the ground.
  • So you have maximum impact.

Why we go

Central Asia is home to around 2,500 people who have come to appreciate that the Lord Jesus is Lord and Saviour.

Yet half a billion more people live in that vast, dry region. It is one of the great unreached places of the world.

People International New Zealand sends volunteers to work in teams to unveil His glory to those people by gently and clearly explaining Jesus Christ is Lord, helping believers form into functioning, encouraging churches, and training leaders to multiply.

How we go

In the midst of political change, great uncertainty and moral darkness the people of Central Asia need to experience the only true hope and joy found in Jesus who is the Light of the World.

We help Kiwis form up in teams, learn their language and culture, come alongside them in development projects, business or service jobs, and unveil His glory from Scripture and by their lives.

Here’s how you can go

There are opportunities for people like you to volunteer and serve in Central Asia. People International New Zealand can get you there. Both as long term residents or on short visits.

We can help as you prepare to go and we have experienced people on the ground who will support you when you are there.

Go and TALK

For example, join a team of native English speakers and be the friendly, foreign experts running a short conversational English programme for enthusiastic Kazakh university.

Go and PRAY

Here’s another example. Go with a team to meet the Hui people in NE China and PRAY that God’s glory will be unveiled among them.

Central Asian opportunities

This is ancient Central Asia … and it’s BURSTING with modern opportunities

From earliest times Central Asia has been the scene of invasions, struggles for empire, inter-tribal warfare and international commerce. Home for Turkic tribes, the vast region was once part of the Persian Empire.

It has been conquered by Macedonians, Arabs, Genghis Khan and his Mongols and, from the 1800s, Russians. When the Soviet Union collapsed, Muslim republics emerged from the rubble.

They have an Islamic identity, though it is not always strong and is frequently mixed with traditional folk religion.

These new nations wrestle with daunting challenges as they make up for decades lost to oppression, exploitation or war.