We mourn

We mourn with those who mourn. Our hearts and prayers go out to our Muslim neighbours and the rest of the Muslim community in Christchurch hit so tragically by the mosque shootings which have abruptly robbed us all of many good-hearted people.

Within minutes of the tragic mosque shooting in Riccarton and Linwood last Friday, PI people in Christchurch were ringing Muslim friends to find out if they were caught up in the terrible attack.

Most of them were safe. But sadly (very sadly) others were not.

Now two weeks have passed. We have met with many of our Muslim friends, distributing small food packs, drinking tea and talking, and passing on donations to particularly needy homes.

Some things are now clear

  • Muslims and the rest of us here are stunned
  • some Muslim women are thinking their headscarves may make them unsafe on the streets
  • racism is deeper than many of us thought
  • immigrant familes have been left without a bread-winner or an English-speaking elder
  • the strong, gracious, over-flowing love of the Lord Jesus is now greatly needed in the small Muslim community in Christchurch

PI contacts have generously donated money and we are personally giving that to needy, grieving families we know. By late March over $5000 has been donated. We have distributed almost all of that directly and in person, in lots of $500, to widows and families who we know are in great difficulty.

We have distributed much more widely, dozens and dozens of small gift packs of halal food prepared by Christchurch churches,.

We now are approaching Muslims we know or meet on the street, assuring them of our good will, praying with them, and sharing the message of Psalm 23, “…though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil, for You are with me. Your (shepherd’s) staff comforts me.”

Like to donate?

PI people in Christchurch are personally connected to Muslim families. We can distribute your gift to needy families directly. We are doing this already and can find appropriate families to give any further gifts to.

Thousands of bunches of flowers, notes of condolence and support, and even soft toys have been placed by Christchurch people along the 150 metre front wall of our Botanic Garden.  And there are similar shows of floral support through the city. We are shaken but resolved to show our grief for the loss and our rejection of the hate that caused it.

Be thrilled! 

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Central Asia

We’ll help you get there

We are People International New Zealand, registered with the Charities Commission (CC22240) since 2008. A group of Kiwis who have lived and worked in Central Asia, or been fully involved with helping others go and unveil God’s glory there.

If you have a heart to go to Central Asia and skills to offer, People International can help you get there.

  • Quickly.
  • With a local team to help you when you’re on the ground.
  • So you have maximum impact.

Why we go

Central Asia is home to around 2,500 people who have come to appreciate that the Lord Jesus is Lord and Saviour.

Yet half a billion more people live in that vast, dry region. It is one of the great unreached places of the world.

People International New Zealand sends volunteers to work in teams to unveil His glory to those people by gently and clearly explaining Jesus Christ is Lord, helping believers form into functioning, encouraging churches, and training leaders to multiply.

How we go

In the midst of political change, great uncertainty and moral darkness the people of Central Asia need to experience the only true hope and joy found in Jesus who is the Light of the World.

We help Kiwis form up in teams, learn their language and culture, come alongside them in development projects, business or service jobs, and unveil His glory from Scripture and by their lives.

Here’s how you can go

There are opportunities for people like you to volunteer and serve in Central Asia. People International New Zealand can get you there. Both as long term residents or on short visits.

We can help as you prepare to go and we have experienced people on the ground who will support you when you are there.

Go and TALK

For example, join a team of native English speakers and be the friendly, foreign experts running a short conversational English programme for enthusiastic Kazakh university.

Go and PRAY

Here’s another example. Go with a team to meet the Hui people in NE China and PRAY that God’s glory will be unveiled among them.

Central Asian opportunities

This is ancient Central Asia … and it’s BURSTING with modern opportunities

From earliest times Central Asia has been the scene of invasions, struggles for empire, inter-tribal warfare and international commerce. Home for Turkic tribes, the vast region was once part of the Persian Empire.

It has been conquered by Macedonians, Arabs, Genghis Khan and his Mongols and, from the 1800s, Russians. When the Soviet Union collapsed, Muslim republics emerged from the rubble.

They have an Islamic identity, though it is not always strong and is frequently mixed with traditional folk religion.

These new nations wrestle with daunting challenges as they make up for decades lost to oppression, exploitation or war.