Short term trips

Four easy, quick ways to visit unforgettable CA

It’s now possible for Kiwi believers to visit and serve short term in CA with the support of PINZ, local people and experienced, resident foreigners.

  • Imagine how this will revolutionise the prayer and understanding of each traveller!
  • Think of the contribution to local churches and our neighbours there!

Below are the four pathways planned for 2024 and 2025.

1) Serve at an English School

Early July to early September 2024. Go for three weeks or up to eight weeks.

Teach or assist an experienced Kiwi couple teaching at an English language school in a small quiet village in Central Asia.

This trip is confirmed and the current teachers would certainly appreciate the support and encouragement of Kiwi visitors,

Estimated costs are NZ$3000 – 3500 per person for the airfare and NZ$20 per night for accommodation to the trust which owns the large school house.

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2) Get immersed in CA

Anytime from 1 November 2024 & on into 2025. Visit for two to three weeks.

Go to a safe CA city and meet a team of experienced local and foreign people who help you plan a tailor-made itinerary that suits your interests and gives you as much face-to-face and up-close contact with CA’s people and life as you want.

This can include:

  • A visit to a village for a day or overnight.
  • Join a CA language lesson, individualized for you with a non-English speaking tutor.
  • Take part in teaching / helping with English language lessons / conversation clubs at an English Centre.
  • Learn about cross-cultural servanthood.

Learn about cross-cultural servanthood.

Other activities could include; learning about local culture, dine at local restaurants, bazaar shopping, mountain hiking trips and befriending locals who want to improve their English.

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3) Pick up the tools on a building project

Proposed: in the window from April to October 2025

Join a team of practical Kiwis helping renovate existing facilities so that they can better serve their communities.

There are two potential projects, both in a safe CA mountain region. Both projects are in the preliminary stages, with budgets being prepared and funding sourced with details to be confirmed.

  • Refurbish an existing dwelling into a retreat venue for locals and expats.
  • Refurbish an existing CA community centre in a city on the Silk Road.

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4) Get overseas experience on your rugby CV

Mid to late 2025.

CA has a thriving rugby scene. Visit a stable, peaceful CA country to play rugby against local professional teams in two cities, as a Kiwi sports ambassador.

Then take part in cultural programmes.

The exact itinerary will depend on the experience and composition of the group going, but it could include:

  • Prepare in NZ to compete in a CA Rugby 7’s tournament.
  • Prepare and share Maori / Pasifika cultural items with our CA hosts.
  • Run rugby coaching workshops for children and teens.

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