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Clusters – locations where you can watch with others

  • Whangarei – Grant and Julie Rippon – They live 20km south of Whangarei at 269 Tavinor Road R D 10 Whangarei 0170  –  They will host the cluster on Thursday 26th May evening only – on Saturday 28th May Grant and Julie will join the Auckland cluster. Contact Mobile 021 123 5782 Email [email protected]
  • Auckland – Both Thursday at 7pm and Saturday at 9am cluster will be at Mission House 591 Dominion Road Balmoral Parking at the rear. Contact Bryan Johnson 027 276 6900 Email [email protected] Peter Lomodo Mob 022 644 677 Email [email protected]
  • Hamilton – contact Chris Nicholson and Frouke Nicholson Venue on both Thursday at 7pm and Saturday at 9am will be 121 Cobham Drive Hamilton East Hamilton  Contact Chris Nicholson 021 213 0107 Email [email protected] Frouke Nicholson 021 213 1246 Email [email protected]
  • Tauranga  contact Enoch Hwang or Tanya Oranska Venue on both Thursday at 7pm and Saturday at 9am will be 382 Otumoetai Road Tauranga.  Contact Enoch Hwang on 020 4138 1720 or Tanya Oranska 020 4138 1718 Email  [email protected]
  • New Plymouth  Len Mc Grane Venue on both Thursday at 7pm and Saturday at 9am will be 2 Taylor Place Merrilands New Plymouth 4312 Contact Mobile 021 028 78455 Email [email protected] 
  • Palmerston North  tba
  • Lower Hutt Ps Julian and Monica Hawken at 1 Cooper Street, Taita, Lower Hutt. Contact 021 067 3045 Email is [email protected]   
  • Wellington Ps Mark Tobias Venue on both Thursday at 7pm and Saturday at 9am will be 18 Hampton Hill Road Tawa Contact Mobile 021 887 598 Email [email protected]
  • Christchurch01 Toby Nielsen Thursday at 7pm 26th May – 12 Camberwell Place, Avonhead
  • Christchurch02Saturday 9am to 5.30pm 28th May – The Well, 364 Colombo Street, Sydenham Contact Mobile 0292772542  Email [email protected]


We plan to cover the following topics with discussions and capture a good amount of the direction we believed God wanted us to consider at this Hui. It is recommended that those joining this Hui should try to visit their local Mosque on Friday the 27th May with the other delegates from their region. 

The programme will probably be;

Thursday 26th May

7pm Whakatau / Mihi – Matua Sam Chapman 

Session 1   Sam Chapman – Loving Our Neighbours 

7.45pm  Discussion questions 

8.05pm Session 2 Chris Nicholson How FF has developed in Hamilton?

8.35pm Discussion questions 

8.55pm Closing prayer – Peter Lomodo 

Saturday 28th May

9.00am Prayer – Ps Mark Tobias 

9.15am Session 3  Dr Ailsa Barker – Women in our Ummah? 

9.55am A panel discussion 

10.20am Morning tea Break 

10.35am Session 4  Barrister Amir Bastani – Our Neighbours in Chch post 15th March 2019? 

11.05am questions / discussion 

11.30am Session 5  Ps Mark Tobias – Friendship with an Imam? 

12.10pm Discussion / questions 

12.30pm Lunch break – fellowship over a drink snack lunch supplied 

1.15pm Book reviews and recommendations 

1.30pm Session 6  Paul Chang – Why do research about Our Neighbours in NZ ? 

2.00pm discussion and questions 

2.15pm Session 7  Grant and Julie Rippon – Storytelling in Our Neighbours context ? 

2.45pm Tell a story 

3.10pm Tea Break 

3.25pm Session 8 Testimony of an MBB 

3.45pm discussion and questions 

4.00pm Session 9 Bryan Johnson – John 2 – The first sign of Jesus? 

4.30pm Discussion and questions 

4.50pm Launching a prayer movement for Our Neighbours in Aotearoa ? 

5.10pm Poroporoaki    What has the Holy Spirit been saying to you at this Hui? 

5.40pm Closing prayer 

Close by 6pm 

Registration (by 25 May)

  1. Register with the Hui administrator of Kotahitanga by 9am on the 25th May by emailing Susie Couch of Interserve  at:
    [email protected]
  2. No one who is not registered by 9am on the 25th May will be able to join the Hui online but they may be able to go to a cluster and participate at a cluster. The Zoom platform requires registration of each participant’s email address and full name and when registering please be careful to identify your email with your name if they are different. The administrator needs to be able to identify you to let you into the online room. 
  3. Read the protocol for participating in the online Kotahitanga Hui issued by the administrator. You will need to keep your computer turned on and running all the time the two sessions are being held. Participants can’t “come and go” during a session.